"My desire to deliver cutting-edge projects and constantly
       strive for excellence, is the main drive for my creativity."

"Dreams allow us to express our desires.
Architecture makes them come to life."

"I live for exploring, learning and trying to escape single architectural signature.
The variety of projects, together with the everlasting quest, is what it is all about"

"The creative journey I am going through with a project is very important to me; the end product is just a bonus...
another building I will proudly present in my portfolio"

"I enjoy fashion…I do not kiss up to it…"

"When I hear my clients take pride in their project,
I know I have succeeded."

"My aspiration to timeless architecture and creativity is motivated by the desire to design backgrounds for the client's life.
Whether it's their private house, office or any other space they live in every day." 

" I believe that my architectural identity will be acknowledged from the quality of the project along the timeline,
without relying on fashion or trends."

"Architecture is the most beautiful profession that combines creativity, technology, culture.
All thses life’s components flow into a single creation of  three dimensional bodies."